There are various factors involved in a mortgage loan. Factors decide the best rate of interest and the best bank. Move your Mortgage Loan outstanding balances to us and enjoy the savings!.

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A mortgage loan is a secured loan that is advanced by mortgaging a self-owned property (residential or commercial) with the lender. These loans can be used for any personal purpose such as meeting expenditures on education, marriage, healthcare, etc. Mortgage borrowers can be individuals mortgaging their homes. The business houses can also mortgage their commercial property (such as their own business premises, residential properties, or an investment portfolio).

Using the balance transfer of mortgage loan service a customer can transfer mortgage loans from Private and Foreign Banks, Scheduled Commercial Banks (SCBs), and Housing Finance Companies (HFCs) registered with National Housing Bank (NHB). This is subject to the condition that the borrower must satisfy the eligibility criteria for availing mortgage loan as per the instruction of the bank. He should also have serviced interest and/or installment of the existing loan regularly, as per the original terms of sanction. The borrower should have valid documents evidencing the title to the property possessed by him/her.

Features & Benefits of Loans

  • High Valuable Loans 
  • Easy Loan Repayment 
  • 100% Transparency
  • Quick and Easy Disbursals 
  • Secure your loan 
  • Attractive Rates of Interest

Benefits of availing of a Mortgage Loan

A mortgage loan helps in increasing the buying capacity of people. But these loans are not cost-effective. Since they are granted your property as security, the lender need not worry about the loan not being repaid. If anything goes wrong, the lender can easily sell off your valuable property and get back his money. The mortgage loans can be easily repaid in monthly installments. Also, a good credit score is guaranteed in the credit report if the current status of the mortgage loan is good. Availing of mortgage loans also qualifies a person to get income tax benefits. They reduce the amount of tax to be paid to the government. The money you pay as interest can be excluded from the tax. These are the reasons why many people prefer to take mortgage loans.







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